writing without a notebook

so I’m on the bus going to work. So on the bus, you can go away with the fairies and imagine a story. Not a currently-being-written story, because it's awfully frustrating when you go down an idea you really want to record but you don't have a notebook. So I make up stories on the spot, indulgent, fun, fluffy, fics, an’ watch.

Presumably, I must look a little goaßgschau.

So Little toddler Merlin bumps into a Companion (a Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar Companion). And he’s like, Ooooh Horsie. The Companion, we’ll call him Dav, is indulging cute little Merlin, letting him stroke his nose. And then Merlin *looks* (because he’s Merlin), and goes Not-Horsie, which catches the Companion’s attention.

Merlin’s *looking* at Dav, the Not-horsie made of many people. There’s a string of people shapes like cut out silhouettes stacked up behind each other – if you get what I mean. They’re glowing.

No, goes Dav, not many people.

Merlin can’t encapsulate it, he’s three but they’re silhouettes from the same light. One silhouette at the fore – Dav. The same light different forms.

Like water, Merlin thinks. Water in the lake. Water falling from the sky. Water evaporating into the air. It’s all water. Letting Dav see how his magic touches the cycle of rain as it changes.

Dav goes “*&^%$% &^)( ^%”£~@ I need to talk to your, mam. Gaius!!!!!” Gaius is his herald. The King’s Own Herald for King Uther Pendragon, who is a bit of a bastard, because he is, but not an intolerantly hateful way as in the TV series, because he’s a herald. He’s not the best Herald in the world, but he has a really punitive firestarting gift, which is useful (at times), but zero telepathy and can’t talk to his long suffering companion. Luckily, he’s also got Gaius as his conscience.

Gaius is visiting his sister Hunith and nephew Merlin. And he’s like *&^^& MAGE GIFT? NO ()*@~#6&%<>

Dav’s going No seriously, I’m really surprised that he hasn’t warped reality since as far as he is concerned anything is possible, ‘cos he’s three.

“Shit,” goes Gaius, “because this is really serious, we have to talk him to Haven, and get him under the shields of a Herald Mage.” The only people who can possibly foster a powerful mage child such as Merlin are Reincarnated Vanyel Ashkevron and Stefen. I possibly cackled inwardly when this popped up.

So, Yes! Merlin’s going to Haven. Where there is, of course, a bullying, micromanaging Prince Arthur, who is unlikely to become a Herald because he’s a bullying, micromanaging tool. Unless he changes….

Then my bus stop came up.

The end.

Heh hehe

mam: fifty shades of darker

So mam watches "Loose Women" kind of talk show with women around a table (I think, I'm at work when it's on).

So mam starts telling me about the ladies and they're discussing Fifty Shades of Darker, and she assumed that they were talking about hair dye *g*

H50 - 7.16 boys on a date

I can't tell a lie, I did laugh. Danny. Danny. Danny. You banana, and hilariously you know it. Steve totally arranged that evening Valentine's meal without Danny's input... perhaps Danny organised the intrusive ukulele player. Hah, if they're organising the next shindig, I can only marvel at the shenanigans. I’m guessing guns and hostage taking at their isolated retreat.

I did enjoy the yoga session -- i do yoga -- and it is clearly apparent that Ao'L and the lassies do yoga. His form was too good for a newbie, and he moved between poses without checking the teacher or other students. *rewatches*

Danny ate the cucumber *g*

Battlestar Galatica

I did enjoy BSG – a lot. We didn’t get it televised on my side of the Pond for a good long while. But during one long school summer holiday, the film (aka TV movie) was shown at a wee, local cinema for pennies during a Sci-Fi festival. As I had been thoroughly brainwashed as a young child to be a sci-fi fan, being weaned on Star Trek and Star Wars, I might have possibly (likely) lost count of the number of times I watched that movie over the festival. I managed to get my grubby little mitts on the TV adaptation books, and I do have a photobook of the TV movie, and I do recall, getting a Sci-Fi TV Encyclopaedia out of the local library, and I might have cut a picture out of one of the pages… might have….

I still hadn’t seen any of the episodes, but boy did I like Apollo. Gosh, did I like Apollo. I wrote fanfic, albeit I didn’t know the term, but indeedy did I write fanfic, longhand and bashing on my dad’s old typewriter. Whilst I’m fairly sure my first long opus was a Star Trek: TNG ode to Riker, which is another story, I did learn a lot of the art of whumping by whumping Apollo. I recall a fic whereby I put the poor sod in a coma, head injury. After some space shenanigans, he and Starbuck crashed on a jungle-type plant, and poor old Starbuck ended up dragging Apollo on a travois over hill and dale. Poor old Starbuck because he had actually been wounded by some kind of disintergrating projectile laser weapon that refused to heal and wouldn’t stop bleeding. This story went on ad infinitum as our intrepid heroes were chased – tow, tow, tow, Apollo gently through the jungle!

I recall thinking that it was bloody boring having your favourite hero lying inertly on a stretcher, thoroughly hurt but just whumped, that it was more interesting when people were interacting – the comfort part of our favourite equation. I pretty much stopped writing the fic at that point. But I had learned an important thing, for me, about my favourite genre – hurt/Comfort, which I have carried forwards since.

So thank you, Apollo -- you were awesome.

H50 - 7.15 our rights

Human rights
Conservation rights
Workers' rights
Our rights

no doubt folk are probably not happy with aspects of the episode. However:

the Nazi got caught;

the conservation aspects were highlighted, and

workers' rights were illustrated.

In this current fucked up world, TPTB pressure could have prevented this episode from even airing.

think on that.


come on get off the sofa, cook something substantial and eat it.

this is important.

do it. do it.

food is good.

dooooooooooo it.